Wingman the Video Game is the first game in the Wingman series. It is about a superhero cardinal that bears a striking resemblance to Terence named Wingman and his sidekick, a canary Hyper-Realistic Chuck, who is not Yellow Bird.


Pig Empire is being attacked by its own ruler, Emperor Fanboy. Not even the Angry Birds can defeat him. There is someone though, Wingman and his sidekick, Hyper-Realistic Chuck. They will embark on their greatest adventure yet to save the planet from such a villain.


Wingman the Video Game is a 2D platformer. Wingman can defeat enemies by releasing a moan. Wingman's health is determined by hit points. There are three hit points at the start of the game. Every time you defeat a boss, one hit point is added to Wingman's HP bar. Player 1 will take control of Wingman, while player 2 takes control of Hyper-Realistic Chuck. There are collectibles called "Disgustoidflies" that are required to get the true ending. Every level (except boss levels) will have at least one Disgustoidfly to obtain.



  • Wingman
  • Hyper-Realistic Chuck


  1. Postman Pig
  2. Chronicler Pig
  3. Mechanic Pig
  4. Professor Pig
  5. Chef Pig
  6. Lil' Slugger
  7. Machine Boy
  8. El Porkador
  9. Pumpkin Troop Commander
  10. Santa Hat, Leprechaun, Bunny-eared, and Pumpkin
  11. Maruo
  12. Nigel
  13. False King Pig
  14. Boar of Horror
  15. Nightmare Pig
  16. Alien Pig
  17. Red Pig
  18. Freckles
  19. Helmet
  20. Moustachio
  21. Prince Pig
  22. Emperor Fanboy


  1. Gold Grassland
  2. Central Beach
  3. Island of FoodBash
  4. Perfect Cliffs
  5. Old Nesting Barrows
  6. Red Giant Valley
  7. Lake Land
  8. City of Piglantis
  9. Slingshot Woods
  10. Canyon Land
  11. Cobalt Plateaus
  12. Hallow World
  13. Bamboo Forest
  14. Banjo Bayou
  15. Desert Island
  16. Limestone Lagoon
  17. Mt. Hog Head
  18. Snowy Peak
  19. Islands in the Sky
  20. Evil Blimp
  21. Factory of Evil
  22. Pig Empire


  • Tiny Pig
  • Small Pig
  • Medium Pig
  • Large Pig
  • Fat Pig
  • Obese Pig
  • Female Pig
  • Helmet Pig
  • Moustache Pig
  • Corporal Foreman Pig
  • Fake Pig
  • Zurdan Pig
  • Pumpkin Troop
  • Sleepyhead Pig
  • Reacting Pig
  • Spring Pig
  • Pig Tower
  • Melted Pig
  • Hog Chothra
  • Marmoset
  • Caged Bird
  • Drunk Pig
  • Wrecking Pig
  • Mexican Pig
  • Spy Pig
  • Glasses Pig
  • Stoneturret Pig
  • Beaked Pig
  • Bowling Ball Pig
  • Balloon Pig
  • Jetpack Pig
  • Wicked Pig
  • Small Mutant Pig
  • Medium Mutant Pig
  • Large Mutant Pig
  • Mutant Helmet Pig
  • Mutant Moustache Pig
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