Toofie is the main antagonist of Angry Birds RPG: Oogielove Saga, the General and sole survivor of the Cidapiti tribe, and the deceased Oogielove King. He, alongside the other Oogielove tribes, were sealed away in their tombs. After releasing the Kamikano and Gatema tribes, Prince Pig went to the location of the Cidapiti tomb. He is fought five times throughout the game. The fifth and final fight with him will take place at the half-way mark in the game. His plan was to unite the other five Oogielove tribes in order to accomplish his goal; awakening the Powerful Gulper. After the final fight with him, he releases the Powerful Gulper and it devours him. This leads Qoorie, his second-in-command and the game's secondary antagonist, to be the new Oogielove King. Alhough it is not confirmed by Rovio yet, it is very clear that he died after the Powerful Gulper devoured him.


  • Since the Oogieloves were inspired by the Serpentine from Ninjago, it is pretty obvious that he was inspired by Pythor.
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