The Prince


138 lbs.






Swords,Spears and Daggers


The Prince at the left

The Prince is one of the antagonists of Angry Birds:RPG.The Prince is King Pig's son,and fought alongside with King Pig at his den.The Prince is very intelligent and also skillful in fighting.


When King Pig's wife bore The Prince right before they steal the eggs 2 decades ago, the wife of King Pig had died 5 years later after The Prince's birth.The Prince is now 19 yrs. old.The Prince wants to get revenge on the birds, for they killed his mom.


When the bird party defeated The Gatekeeper,The King Pig and The Prince Pig were patiently waiting for the bird party to attack.The King and Prince and the guards with them charged.The Green Bird struck The Prince ,suffered serious wounds and died.King Pig got struck next.All the guards ran away,but the party didn't chase after them.The party went back to Birdville and were all honored as heroes.

You birds...will not for...long.-Prince Pig's words before death but somehow he comes back to life at the final battle.


King Pig-The Prince is King Pig's only son.

Battle Lines

  • "You birds will not live..."
  • "Head goes BOOM!"
  • (Laughter)
  • "Die will you insects!"
  • "Bird, stop moving!"
  • "You can run, but you can't hide!"
  • "Stop toying around!"
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