Stella is one of the four secondary antagonists of Five Nights at Red's. She is the backup singer of the Red Fazbird's Pizza band. Along with the other animatronic birds, she is left in a "free-roaming" mode from midnight until 6 in the morning.


Five Nights at Red's

Stella is an animatronic wearing an endoskeleton that looks exactly like Stella. She wears a bib that says Let's Eat! and holds a cupcake in her left hand.

Five Nights at Red's 2: Grand Re-Opening!

Like the other old models, Stella is in severe disrepair. Her jaw has been stretched up, her left eye is coming out, and one of her head feathers is missing. Her bib is hanging from the right.

Five Nights at Red's: Krystal is Not the True Mastermind

Stella is even more damaged, as her bib is completely gone and now has only one tail feather. Her left eye is now missing and right eye is coming out. The top part of her beak is hanging off.


Stella is usually the second animatronic bird to leave her starting position, first being Chuck. Upon becoming activated, Stella can go anywhere right of the restaurant. This means she can go to the Dining Area, Kitchen, Restrooms, East Hall, and E. Hall Corner. She is more precise than Chuck, but still very predictable. While she is in the kitchen, a clash of pots and pans will be heard.

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