Something Fishing is the 6th episode of The New 4, the 5th water-themed episode and the 27th overall. This episode take place at the river that full of fishes. This episode introduces jumping fish, makes The Flocks can't get to the fortress easily.

Episode Info

6. Something Fishing
Name: Something Fishing

Episode Number: 27 ( 6th in The New 4)

Levels: 30

Pages: 3

Difficulties: Hard

Golden Item: Golden Worm

Next Episode: Final Mastered

Previous Episode: HD Lifestyle

Game(s): Angry Birds The New


  • When The Flocks hit the jumping fish, there are no points given and jumping fish will not harms the fortress, makes the difficulties of this episode is hard.
  • Jumping fish in this episode is similar to fish in Piglantis.
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