Skyscrapork Top is the second episode of The New Finale and the 30th of the game. The ground of this episode was on the top of buildings with random height. The Flocks can fall of the building (if The Flocks placed at the building which is shorter another building) if they fail to reach the fortress. Bad Piggies now use they vehicles from Red's Mighty Feathers.

Episode Info

2. Skyscrapork Top

Name: Skyscrapork Top

Episode Number: 30 ( second in The New Finale)

Levels: 30

Pages: 3

Difficulties: Hard

Golden Item: Golden Aerial

Next Episode: Dark Street

Previous Episode: Lava Crater

Game(s): Angry Birds The New  



  • The background of this episode is the top of Danger Above( city) background.
  • Purple Balloon( unbeatable balloon) also introduce in this episode, make The Flocks must think one way to finish the level.
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