Boomerang bird

Green Bird

The Shadow of Green Bird is a boss in Angry Birds:Nightmare,Haunted Corridor,7-5.It takes form of Green Bird,with black shadows around it and also with a mask.


The Shadow of Green Bird has only 1 physical attack.If a Green Bird is too close to him,he will break the front of the platform,killing it and also shatters his masks.His other attacks are just enhancements.The first enhancement is if his health bar is 50% lost, then he will make the door in between the abyss more farther,making it hard to reach.The last enhancement is if it losses 75% of health,then it will make the area dark,not able to see most of the level.

Battle Lines

  • "Coward!"
  • "Give up!"
  • "All that matters is yourself right!?"
  • "Mwuahahahaha..."
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