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Brown Bird
Vital statistics
Title Riochet
Gender male
Race European Black-tailed Robin
Faction The Real Flock
Health very healthy
Level Hatching Eggs 1-30
Status Bounces around, knocking over everyting in its path.
Location Angry Birds Island
Brown Bird is a character in Angry Birds. He was one of the three eggs that hatched.


Brown Bird has a ability that allows him to wall-jump, bounce, zoom like a yellow Bird, and riochet. When tapped or clicked, it will produce "Tweet-Err!" and "Zooom!".


Personal Data

  • Name:​​​​​ Riochet
  • Known Aliases: Brown Bird, Brown, Bounce Bird
  • Group Affiliation: The Flock
  • Known Relatives: The Three Eggs (now only two eggs)


Brown Bird is enthusiastic, curious and a little too hyper. He is not quick to get angry. He plans to get revenge on the greedy pigs who tried to eat him and his siblings.


  • Finished Brown Bird
  • Prototype tutorial in beta 1.4
  • proto sprites
  • scrapped teaser image
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