Red Fazbird is the main antagonist of Five Nights at Red's. He is the central mascot of Red Fazbird's Pizza. He is left in a "free-roaming" mode from midnight to 6 in the morning, along with the other animatronic birds, because the company wants them to act as extra security. On the other hand, if they see a pig after closing hours, they won't see them as a pig, but as an endoskeleton without a costume.

Red Fazbird


Animatronic Cardinal




Lead singer of the Red Fazbird's Pizza band


Red Fazbird's Pizza

First Appearance

Five Nights at Red's

Latest Appearance

Five Nights at Red's: Krystal is Not the True Mastermind


Five Nights at Red's

Red is an animatronic wearing a costume that looks exactly like Red. He wears a black top hat and black bowtie. In his left hand, he holds a microphone.

Five Nights at Red's 2: Grand Re-Opening!

Just like all the older models, Red is in severe disrepair. He has several tears, making his endoskeleton visible. The bottom of his beak is torn off. His top hat looks like it's been taken a bite out of with another hole on it. His right eye is torn.

Five Nights at Red's: Krystal is Not the True Mastermind

Red is in even worse disrepair. The only parts of his costume are the ones that cover up his head and body. His legs are gone and his right arm is up to his elbow. His left eye is now torn apart and his right eye is completely gone.


Red will not be active until Night 4. He starts off on Show Stage, along with Chuck and Stella. He is the least active out of all the animatronics and will be the last to leave his starting post. He will follow a set path from Show Stage to The Office. The path is as follows:

  1. Show Stage
  2. Dining Area
  3. Restrooms
  4. Kitchen
  5. East Hall
  6. E. Hall Corner
  7. The Office

Unlike Chuck and Stella, Red will skip the blind spot in the hall lights. So if you see Red in. E. Hall Corner, close the door immediately. If he is still there then, you're safe. If the power runs out, Red will appear in the left door and his jingle will play. If you don't move at all while the jingle is being played, Red's attack may be delayed and will last longer, giving you more time to hold on until 6 AM. This is the only way to get attacked by him up to Night 3.

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