Pigs Mastered is the last episode of The New 3 and the 21 in the game. The place in this episode keep the theme of Master of the Egg but in evening. The Emperor pig and Guard Pig also returned. In this episode The Flocks must destroy the cage with eggs in it (the level will failed if don't save the eggs.)

Episode Info

7.Pigs Mastered

Name: Pigs Mastered

Episode Number: 21 ( 7 in The New 3)

Levels: 30

Pages: 3

Difficulties: Hard

Golden Item: Golden Cage

Next Episode: The Blues Rules

Previous Episode: Windy Tornado

Game(s): Angry Birds The New


  • This is the first episode that The Flocks must complete the level by destroy all pigs in the level and another mission, save all caged eggs in the level. 
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