Piggy Island is the home of the birds and pigs and the main setting of the Angry Birds series. The exact location of it is unknown, but it could be located in the South Atlantic Ocean, as the birds are being carried west in the Angry Birds Rio trailer. It is an island in a country called Gibberland.

Piggy Island
Piggy Island




Assumed to be South Atlantic Ocean



First Appearance

Angry Birds Rio trailer (biological), Angry Birds (actual)

Notable Inhabitants

The Flock, Pigs, Mighty Eagle, Mighty Dragon, Dra"cool"a, Cardio


Lucky Coins, Coins, Snoutlings, Gems, and Bdallahs

Overall Appearance

Piggy Island notably has a giant pig statue in its middle flowing with water. Piggy Island is full of all sorts of vegetation (trees, cactuses, grass, etc.) It has all sorts of landforms, such as plains, plateus, and mountains. It is inhabited by the birds and pigs, the pigs having their own city/lair. In the distance Mighty Eagle's cave can be seen. It is also likely that the island Piglantis lies near the area. Where the two edges at the front of Piggy Island break up is a circular desert/canyon-like area.

List of notable locations on Piggy Island

  • Mt. Fort Awesome
  • Mighty Eagle's Cave
  • King Pig's Castle
  • Colonel Monster's Monster Time Pizza Palace
  • Weapon Factory
  • Wiggler Garden
  • Sky Stalk
  • Seedway Cup
  • Rocky Road Cup
  • Air Cup
  • Stunt Cup
  • Sub Zero Cup
  • South Beach
  • Cobalt Plateus
  • Golden Fields
  • Limestone Lagoon
  • Southern Sea
  • Desert Island
  • Pirate Coast
  • Slingshot Woods
  • Great Cliffs
  • Star Reef
  • Banjo Bayou
  • Bamboo Forest
  • Canyon Land
  • Snow Peek
  • Islands in the Sky
  • Pumpkin Plateu
  • Square Forest
  • Red Giant Valley
  • Eastern Sea
  • Moorlands
  • Lake Land
  • Old Nesting Barrows
  • Northern Sea
  • Pig City
  • Hog Head Mountain
  • Chronicle Cave


The languae the birds and pigs speak is known as "Gibberish". Gibberish foe "egg" is "endga".


Piggy Island has five currency items; Bird Coins, Lucky Coins, Snoutlings, Gems, and the fanon Bdallahs. Bird Coins are among the main currency of Piggy Island. They can value in 0.01, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20, and 0.50. Snoutlings can be seen as the pig counterpart to Bird Coins. They have the same value. Not much is known about Lucky Coins. Gems are the premium currency of Piggy Island. Bdallahs can be compared to actual US dollars, they value in 1.00, 2.00, 5.00, 10.00, 20.00, 50.00, 100.00, 200.00, 500.00, and 1000.00.


Not much is known about Piggy Island's culutre. It is culture is said to be a mixture of the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, Japan, Finland, Sweden, and Australia.


  • The first appearance of Piggy Island was in the Angry Birds Christmas Comic at the last strip.
  • It has been said to be located in the western South Pacific Ocean, however in the Rio trailer, the birds were being carried west, meaning it could be in the South Atlantic Ocean.
  • The country being called Gibberland is a direct reference to the word gibberish, refering to language or other speach that appears to be nonsense, and most country names ending with "land" have the language and nationality end with "ish".
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