Piggies Crystal is the forth episode of The New 2 and 11'th episode of Angry Birds The New. This is episode has beautiful background with shiny crystal islands. This episode is the water-themed episode. 

Episode Info

4.Piggies Crystal
Name: Piggies Crystal

Episode Number: 11 ( 4 in The New 2)

Levels: 30

Pages: 3

Difficulties: Normal

Golden Item: Golden Diamond

Next Episode: Bubble Gobble

Previous Episode: Icy Peak

Game(s): Angry Birds The New


  • This is the second water-themed episode after On the Sea.
  • You will get 1000 points if the flocks hit the diamond, 3000 for small purple crystal, 5000 for big purple crystal and 10000 for secret hidden crystal that shaped like the Red Bird.
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