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The new flag as of 2013


Piggania with states, highways, cities, and geographical features

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Piggania Elevation Map

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Piggania Annual Avg. Temperature Map


Aron, Eagletopia

5 Most Populous Cities

  1. Dox, Cheunaso - Pop. 619,032
  2. Ku, Senua - Pop. 592,174
  3. Phelton, Khyanol - Pop. 570,979
  4. Nyvoa, Khyanol - Pop. 466,312
  5. Lennux, Maxbor - Pop. 421,938



Official Language

English Language, Dutch Language, Belarusian Language, Russian Language


Parliamentary republic, Constituent country

Prime Minister:

Exploder Krachtigensterkbird

Piggania is a country in Piggy Planet which is inhabited by birds, pigs, and some humans. The culture of Piggania is very much like the United Kingdom's culture. Piggania is in the Northern Hemisphere of Piggy Planet, so temperatures are around 25'F in winter, 40'F in spring, 55'F in summer, and 45'F in autumn. Piggania has remained a parliamentary republic since it was founded. Piggania's population is 8,309,254 by the end of March 2013.


Piggania's currency is called Eggos. How much is one US dollar in Eggos? 12.375 Eggos. You can find this out by multiplying the amount of US dollars to 12.375. For example, 2 US dollars would equal 24.750 Eggos, and 3 US dollars would equal 37.125 Eggos. Smaller units of currency are Microgos, Millinogos, and Centiaogos. Microgos are 0.001 of an Eggo, Millinogos are 0.010 of an Eggo, and Centiaogos are 0.100 of an Eggo. The proper way to say an Eggo with Microgos, Millinogos, and Centiaogos is more simple than it sounds. For example, if you wanted to say 75.853 Eggos, you just say seventy-five point eight hundred fifty-three Eggos. If it was something like 75.053 Eggos, you say seventy-five point zero fifty-three Eggos, and lastly, if you were to say something like 75.003 Eggos, you say seventy-five point zero zero three Eggos.
Clip Art 1

A standard Eggo coin.


Eggo Symbol

The national Eggo symbol.

Colonization and Expanding

Piggania was the first country in Piggy Planet to be colonized by birds. It all began when NASA launched a rocket filled with thousands of intelligent birds and pigs to Piggy Planet in 1960. (NOTICE: This is all fictional.) Birds began to build houses in Birdux, a state in Piggania. It was called Birdio Territory back then, and it was very small. Birds colonized for years and years, while the Pigs had colonized in the Pig Territory, which was southwest of Piggania. In 1974, The birds had made the Birdio Territory very big, and it reached the very south of Piggania. Then, the birds had a problem. They were bordering the Pig Territory. And when the pigs saw the eggs, they were shocked of how delicious those eggs could be. So, a war began.

Cheunaso War

It ranged from 1974 to 1976, and it was called the Cheunaso War. The pigs declared it because they wanted to get enough land and eggs to expand their territory. The birds won the war. The birds won a state after the war, named Cheunaso, after the brave bird commander who controlled the bird soldiers with the power to make an earthquake, Rumble Cheunaso. The Cheunaso War had about 40,000 casualties. 28,000 of which were pigs.

Expanding Further

The birds made the Birdio Territory into a country, and divided it into 4 states. Eagletopia, Khyanol, Cenome, and Birdux. They then claimed a state named Senua, named after the bird who proposed the idea, Chirp Senua, in 1979. They then claimed a state named Ruyom in 1981, and found a lake in the state. The birds decided to name it Sidon Lake, after a brave general named Boom Sidon in the Cheunaso War. Another lake that was found was in Birdux, named Terilunthio Lake, after the bird who proposed a constitution for the birds, (a constitution never was actually written) Crush Terilunthio. A state named Maxbor was then claimed in 1987, and was claimed to be the most agricultural state. In 1989, A bird found an unclaimed piece of land lying around, and decided to name it Benum, after himself. (His name was Squawk Benum) After an argument of politics, Benum was split into North Benum and South Benum in 1993. In Eagletopia, a small town named Aron was claimed to be Capital of Piggania, since it had a good government, and it had a very good mayor. It soon grew into a large and major city. In 1999, a bird named Zoom Sunton proposed a future architectural idea of building an island south of Cheunaso. He said he would named it Starsweet because lots of starfish-like creatures lived in the sea by Cheunaso, and he also said he would fill it with a breathable gas that is very water like. It was called vita-aqua, and it's water, but it has 3 oxygen atoms and only 1 hydrogen atom instead of 2 parts hydrogen and 1 part oxygen. In 2003, construction actually began. The vita-aqua was created in a laboratory and put inside Starsweet when construction was done in 2006. Only some people moved there, but Starsweet is enough to hold 80,000 birds. Starsweet is very expensive, even today, and it's luxury and architecture is outstandingly amazing and futuristic.


States and Territories

Piggania is divided into 10 states and 1 territory. The 10 states all have a history, with the east side of Piggania being the oldest, and the west side being the newest.


Birdux is so far the oldest state with 2 major cities, Ryll and Elenur. It was once an unorganized territory in the 1960's, but after the Cheunaso War it became a state. It has major points of interest, such as the Kolfbird Monument in Ryll, in honor of the leader of the Birdio Territory, which was what Birdux was called in the 1960's, Storm Kolfbird. Birdux is claimed the greatest vacation spot in Piggania.


Cenome is so far the 2nd greatest state that handles government the best. Politics are very strict in Cenome, and mayors of towns and cities are only elected if they meet the perfect and exact requirements. Cenome is also the least populated state of Piggania. It has points of interest as well as Birdux, including the Leon Memorial Battlefield, located in Cepenoil, which is the most northern battlefield of where the Cheunaso War was fought.


Khyanol is the biggest state in Piggania, but it's possible Khyanol may split one day, due to political and geographical reasons. But, the important things about it are the cities and the attractions there, such as the Nyvoa River, located right by the city of Nyvoa. Nyvoa is where wormfishing (fishing for worms) is most common, since the city is right next to the Nyvoa River. (It may sound gross to you humans, but it's delicious to us birds!) Nyvoa actually has some famous restaurants that birds can visit for a healthy dinner. Tundear is another famous city, and has a cemetary dedicated to the birds who fought in the Cheunaso War. It's nicknamed "Hydrocity", because it's located in the wetlands, and temperatures can reach as low as 10'F in the winter, making it the coldest city in Piggania.


Eagletopia is the state that controls The Bird Military. The base is in southern Eagletopia and in Eagletopia lies the capital of Piggania, Aron. Aron has the most cemetaries and memorials of any city in Piggania, from the Cheunaso War. It has 163 cemetaries and 54 memorials. There are even some memorials dedicated to PIGS. That's right, pigs. If you think that's strange, it's not. It's because the memorials dedicating some pigs, were dedicated to pigs that gave up and joined the birds' side. So, they were good pigs. The only famous beach in Eagletopia is Venter Shore, which is located in the small coastal town of Thurn. Wormfishing isn't very common there, since usually only starfish-like creatures are found in Eagletopia. But, if you looked hard enough, you would find a few worms wiggling here and there.


Cheunaso is the 2nd most historic state, because it's the main place of where the Cheunaso War was fought. Battlefields lie almost everywhere in Cheunaso, including major cities. Dextorn was the main city of where the Cheunaso War was fought. The Battle of Dextorn, a battle in the Cheunaso War, lasted for 10 days, and was the bloodiest battle of the war. Dextorn has 3 cemetaries and 14 memorials dedicating and honoring the birds who fought in the war. Another very major city of where the war was fought is Leafpond. It actually almost got taken over by pigs near the end of the Cheunaso War, and it's almost on the border of Cheunaso and the Pig Territory. It lies right by Swine Bay, a famous bay mostly ruled by pigs. Leafpond is in danger of getting taken over by pigs travelling on a battleship through Swine Bay, so, Eagletopian soldiers have gathered at the edge of the city to protect. There are also electrical fences with barbed wire on the edge of the city. So, pigs have a slight chance of taking Leafpond over. There are a few cemetaries in Leafpond.


Senua is a small state in Piggania that has the 2nd most populated city in Piggania, Ku. The city of Ku is considered one of the best vacation spots in Piggania, because it's food is exquisite to birds, and it mostly has affordable 4-5 star hotel accommodations. According to most birds, the best place to see sunsets is Ku. Senua isn't a coastal state, but it has lots of small lakes and parks. Golf is very popular in Senua, and some famous golf courses are in Enkhon. The weather is usually nice there, and lots of tall buildings lie in Enkhon. The famous Enkhonian Pine tree is a popular tree there that can live up to 3000 years. It's usually in rainforests near Enkhon, but it's not common inside the actual city, because seeds are usually the size of 8 basketballs, and the trees need constant water the first 1000 years of their life.


Ruyom is usually pronounced wrong as (Roy-om), but it's actually pronounced (Roo-yom). But enough about that, let's get to the more important things. Ruyom is a state that has the biggest lake in Piggania, Sidon Lake. There aren't many towns near the lake, but Kuno is a city near it. Kuno is a popular city with the biggest tower, the Kuno Security Tower X, which spans to about 400 meters in the air. Kuno has some of Piggania's most famous mountains, including Ruyom Olympianos Vers, which goes up to 5 km in the air. It gets pretty cold in Kuno, since it's a mountain city, like Denver, Colorado. Temperatures in the winter are 15'F on average, while in the summer, it's only 35'F on average. It's hard to breathe in the small town of Cinon, a town near Kuno which has the highest elevation of any town or city in Piggania, about 2.7 km above sea level. Cinon will be unbreathable in a few hundred years, so people are slowly moving out. Until then, Cinon is semi-famous for it's skiing and hiking. It's hard sometimes since Cinon is usually buried in the snow. There are ski centers in the small town, though.


Maxbor may be the most "rocky" state in Piggania, because it has TONS of mountains, just like Ruyom, only a lot more. Maxbor has the highest mountain in Piggania, named Berun Pylempianos Extremus, which goes up to 10 km in the air. It's 2 km taller than Mount Everest on Earth, but smaller than Olympus Mons on Mars, which is 22 km high. The mountain is near Berun, a major city in Maxbor in a tundra-like climate. Vegetation is low in Berun, and the only vegetation that can usually be found are weeds. Birds eat weeds a lot in Berun, but mostly depend on worms. Worms are extremely common in Berun, so lots of restaurants are there. Lennux is another major city, and is considered the #1 most eco-friendly city. It's because they use geothermal energy instead of nonrenewable resources like coal or oil. Their food is very nice according to most birds as well. Even though Maxbor is a very rocky state, it's extremely agricultural in the south, because almost no mountains are in southern Maxbor, and it's usually just grasslands and plains.

South Benum

South Benum is a state in Piggania that was seperated along with North Benum due to political reasons. It's famous for being the smallest state in Piggania, and the state is mostly flat grasslands. Although, lots of flowers are in South Benum, including the exotics. South Benum's only major city is Intuk, that has little meat, and mostly just berries. Most restaurants are vegetarian bird friendly. Intuk is apparently close to the Pig Territory, so it has a chance of getting taken over. It has extreme security around the city, but the pigs could still take it over. Intuk's population isn't very big, but the reason the city is famous is for it's major sport, hockey. Hockey is played all around Intuk, but not South Benum itself. South Benum is sparsely populated, so anywhere besides Intuk, hockey is pretty much unknown.

North Benum

North Benum was also a state seperated along with South Benum, due to political reasons, but since you already know that from reading about South Benum, let's get to the point. North Benum is the 2nd smallest state in Piggania, and it appears to have no major cities, do to the state being the least populated in all of Piggania. Agriculture in North Benum is popular like in Maxbor, and a few mountains lie on the eastern part of the state. North Benum is mostly covered in tundra or grasslands, and probably wouldn't be a good idea to move here, since there are little attractions, and it's just boring, according to most birds.

Pig Territory

The Pig Territory is the only territory in Piggania currently, and is controlled by pigs. Not much is known about the Pig Territory according to birds, but we do know that it has 2 major cities. Porktown, and Oinkopolis. Oinkopolis controls the government, along with the pig base, while Porktown is pretty much a paradise. It would be dangerous to step in the Pig Territory for a bird, because the pigs could one day take Piggania over. The bird government won't let the Pig Territory secede for political reasons, which could one day start a war. By the way, this "technically" isn't part of Piggania. It's not really a country, but a semi-independent colony made by pigs.


Piggania's states have counties. They are just seperations or divisions of states, if you didn't know. Not to be mistaken with "countries".


Map of Birdux

Map of Birdux and it's 86 counties.

Birdux has 86 counties. The biggest county is Antes County, located in southern Birdux. The smallest is San Cresa Vera County.

List of Counties
  1. Duntimor County
  2. Melsport County
  3. Cubtim County
  4. Konridge County
  5. Senp County
  6. Burnox County
  7. Ahunt County
  8. Hentacson County


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