NEW Angry Birds is a updated Angry Birds.


  • Red Bird
  • Blue Bird
  • Yellow Bird
  • Black Bird
  • White Bird
  • Boomerang (Green) Bird
  • Big Brother Bird
  • Orange Bird
  • Light Blue Bird (New, splits into two Red Birds)


  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Helment
  • Grandpa
  • King
  • Prince (New, smaller King Pig)


1. Poached Eggs

2. Mighty Hoax

3. Danger Above

4. The Big Setup

5. Ham 'em High

6. Mine and Dine

7. Birdday Party

8. Surf and Turf

9. Blue is NEW (New)

10. The Test (New)

Golden Eggs


"Whenever you want a new challenge, or want to put your skills to the test, NEW Angry Birds will grant your wish. Plus, the game has Wi-Fi connectivity, so you and and a friend can work together, or compete for the top! Now that we can play it together, let's say it together. LETS PLAY ANGRY BIRDS!"

"New challenges, a new bird, and Wi-Fi conectivity, NEW Angry Birds is the app that everyone's talking about! Play with friends, or compete for the top. Let's say it together, because now we play it together. LETS PLAY ANGRY BIRDS!"


Light Blue Bird is not property of Rovio. He was made by me.

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