Mooncake Hill is the 5th episode of The New Finale and the 33rd of the game. This episode is the third holiday-themed episode which is Mid-Autumn Festival. There are another new mission in MH21-MH40, find a few mooncake in a level by launch a given birds (same as Red's action at the slingshot in Red's Mighty Feathers)  after beating the pigs, the time will given in the mission.

Episode Info

5. Mooncake Hill

Name: Mooncake Hill

Episode Number: 33 ( 5th in The New Finale)

Levels: 40

Pages: 4

Difficulties: Hard

Golden Item: Golden Mooncake

Next Episode:[1]Crystal Cavern

Previous Episode: Flooded Mines

Game(s): Angry Birds The New  



  • This episode is the third season-themed episode, first is Blizzard Camp and the second is Dark Street .
  • This episode and Crystal Cavern are the third episodes that has the most levels. The second is Final Mastered and the most is The Last Winter. 
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