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Maxbor Mountains Survival is a new survival television series that takes place in the mountain and tundra area of Maxbor, Piggania. It will begin on August 5, 2013, and new episodes will come out every sunday after that. Each episode will have a survival expedition that takes place in a certain rocky area of Maxbor. Maxbor Mountains Survival will have a different survivalist group of 4 every episode. The confirmed first survival area is the Arcsontus Glacier in central Maxbor. The Arcsontus Glacier is assumed one of the most dangerous glaciers to step foot on. The ice is extremely slippery, avalanches and also blizzards are common, and the ice can crack very easily. If you crack the ice (by stomping or jumping really fast), you will land in 0.1 degrees celsius (32.18 degrees fahrenheit) water. Walking on the Arcsontus Glacier is very risky. Luckily, every survivalist group will consist of professional survivors.
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A photo took on top of the Arcsontus Glacier.

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The location of the Arcsontus Glacier.

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