Matt 1 Million is the 999,999th and final Matt clone, the leader of the Matt Revolution, and the main antagonist of the cartoon episode Matt Fort Awesome. He reappeared as an unlockable playable character in Angry Birds Go!: Kart Customization along with his "older brother" Matt #2, who was the secondary antagonist of Matt Fort Awesome and second-in-command in the Matt Revolution. He was created by a cloning machine in Matt's room. After misunderstanding Red's statement, they get offended and threaten to kill him. While Red is cloning himself, the Matt clones lock the other birds in a cage. Red returned with 999,999 clones and fought the Matt clones. When Matt gets out of the shower, he sees the clones, knowing the birds read his diary. He says it doesn't bother him anymore because while showering, he managed to clean his soul. So the Red and Matt clones die together and that was the end of the evil Matt 1 Million, for now.

Matt 1 Million
Matt 1 Million

First Appearance

Matt Fort Awesome








Strong (presumably)


Mt. Fort Awesome (temporary)


Assumably the same as Matt's ability

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