Here is a story of King Pig and his minions going to Karate-Do Martial Arts. King Pig:Im going to watch TV. [Television making sound] Commercial:Are you tired of getting black eyes?Tired of feeling pain?Tired of spending weeks in the Hospital?Well not anymore! You can register to go to Karate by calling at 416-554-2895! We are located at Sheppherd and Bathurst! Call Now!!!! King Pig:Hm...Thats It!!! [King Pig Diling Phone] [Phone ringing] Phone:May I help you? King Pig:I would like to register for Karate. Phone:Ok you can have a free trial today. King Pig:Thank you! [Drops phone] Car:VRROOM! King Pig:Finally here! Sensei:Hello there! Are you having a free trial today? King Pig:Yep. Sensei:Thank you for registering,you are our 1st customer! King Pig:Woohoo! Sensei:Now to teach you Self Defense Techniques and Kata Kumites! But first we should excercise. 2 Hours Later... Sensei:You now get your Giri and White Belt! But you gotta pay $40 for this. King Pig:I got $100. Sensei:Thanks you! You get $60 for change. A decade of Karate Later... Sensei:Congratulations! You are now a 4th Degree Black Belt! Later at the Birds nest... Red Bird:Wow, King Pig must have gave up.Its been a decade already! Yellow Bird:Yeah man. King Pig:Hello Birds and are you ready for a... surprise... Red Bird:Are you try to scare us or something? King Pig:Nope. Where gonna beat you up with Karate! Im a Black Belter! Helmet Pig and Moustache Pig:We go to Karate-Do! Were Black Belters too! Pig Army:Were all Black Belters!!! All the Birds:Dang it! [Punching and kicking] Red Bird:Uhhh...Where am I? The hospital with black eyes?Dang it. King Pig:Eggs eggs eggs YAY!!! THE END!!!

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