King Pig Image

Normal Form.

The King Pig,who is the creator of the nightmares is the final boss of Angry Birds:Nightmare,The Cathedral.It takes form as King Pig in a disembodied form with two glowing red eyes,and a large crown.He is the creator of the nightmares.


King Pig has 2 attacks.Firstly, if a Green Bird is too close to him,he will use "Sire Beam" and will destroy a large portion of the front platform.Lastly,if it losses 25% of the health,then King Pig will send down meteors and if a Green Bird is on a glowing red platform,then it will die.

Battle Lines

  • "My nightmares are never-ending!"
  • "Divine Meteors...RAIN DOWN!"
  • "Give up boy..."
  • "Just give up!"
  • "Rrrraghhh!!!"

Death 11 Months Ago

King Pig, who died in Angry Birds:RPG, King Pig is actually a spirit.King Pig's minions didn't know about King Pig's spirit being all over the place.He created the nightmares for Green Bird to take revenge about his death 11 months ago.The King Pig's spirit will be continuing to rule the pig army.

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