King Pig


140 lbs.




30 (Episodes 8 and 9) 45 (RPG)

King Pig Image

King Pig is the main antagonist of Angry Birds:RPG that had the plan to invade Birdville.


When King Pig failed to retrieve the eggs about 8 times,he started to get angry and invaded Birdville with his army and retrieved many eggs from other birds.Orange Bird and his party went out of the city to stop King Pig and rescue the bird hostages King Pig abducted.

The Effigy

A few decades when King Pig died,it was not the real King Pig.That King Pig was an android King Pig,which the birds didn't notice.The King Pig created the android,and quickly escaped with the eggs.He was hiding since Angry Birds:Pigs Advantage and Angry Birds:The Apocalypse

King Pig's First Appearance

King Pig appears at Orange Bird's party alongside with the the Pig Sword Dancer.The pig alongside with King Pig is left dead,but King Pig warps away.


When King Pig warped away,the bird party soon defeated The Gatekeeper of the gate to King Pig's den.The bird party went to King Pig's layer,holding hostages.He also put the pile of eggs in a big cauldron.The party fights King Pig and his guards and soldiers,Green Bird strikes King Pig with a fatal blow by using Beak Rush,instantly killing King Pig.The guards and soldiers ran away without their leader.The bird party went back to Birdville,obliterated.The party reported about the King Pig's death,and was honored as heroes.The birds of Birdville reconstructed the whole city.

Aaaarrrghhh! i will come back one day to take you birds down! -King Pig's words before death.


The Apprentice-He became King Pig's apprentice by being the most powerful pig in the army.He also became King Pig's closest friend. Pig Sword Dancer-The Pig Sword Dancer is very royal to King Pig and is also a great servant to King Pig.


The Bird Party-The whole pig army hates the birds,King Pig makes the plans for stealing bird eggs.

Battle Lines

  • "Curse you insect!"
  • "Divine Meteors...RAIN DOWN!"
  • (Hysterical Laughing)
  • "Die will you!?"
  • "Rrrragggh!"
  • "You don't have any time..."
  • (Crazed Laughter)
  • "There is no time to save eggs now!"
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