King Pig

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King Pig, whose real name is Colonel Monster, is leader of the Pigs. He is very bossy to the Pigs. Sometimes he likes to teach his son, the Prince Pig, to steal eggs.


Name: King Pig

Friends: Mustache Pig (Dad), Prince Pig (Son) Queen Pig (Wife) Princess Pig (daugter)

Species: Pig

First level appearance: 3-21


When King Pig was born his Dad knew he would be a king like him. So he gave him his crown. When King Pig was 16 he was looking for a right-hand man, so he found Helmet Pig. When he was 30, he married Queen Pig, and not much later, Prince Pig came. When he turned 35 he had a castle, and a bunch of minions. When he was hungry, the first thing he saw was the eggs. So he sent Helmet Pig to steal the eggs. Their first plan did not work, nor the second, third and forth. he did have a princess pig queen pig (when giving berth) was in lots of pain but when the princess came she was much better!!!! king pig and queen pig think she is pritty not long later she fell in love with  freckeld pig!!!! now they have kids!!!!

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