Sword blues

Sword blues

Hungry Piggies Star Wars is an game by Rovio 2D.

Imperial Pigs

  • Minion Pig (Stormtrooper, shoots laser)
  • Helmet Pig (Boba Fett, Yellow Bird's power)
  • Grandpa Pig (Snowtrooper, shoots 3 lasers)
  • King Pig (Darth Vader, uses the Force)
  • Fat Pig (The Emperor, shoots lightning)

Rebel Birds

  • Red Bird (Luke Skywalker, Normal)
  • Blue Bird (Rebel, Weak)
  • Yellow Bird (Han Solo, Strong)
  • Black Bird (Obi Wan Kenobi, Strong)
  • White Bird (3-CPO, Weak)
  • Boomerang Bird (Lightsbaber, Normal)
  • Big Bro Bird (Chewie, Strong)
  • Orange Bird (Rebel, Weak)
  • Pink Bird (Princess Leia, Normal)
  • Egg (R-2D2, Weak)

 The Saga Episodes

  • Episode I: The Birdy Menace
  • Episode II: Death Star Escape
  • Episode III: The Emperial Pigs
  • Episode IV: A New Dope
  • Episode 5: The Empiggy Strikes Back
  • Episode 6: The Return Of The Pigs (Coming Soon)
  • Episode 7: TBD

Planetary Plunge Episodes

Planetary Plunge episodes are episodes describing the Imperial Pigs taking over the universe.

  • Hoth
  • Dagobah
  • Cloud City
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