Hungry Piggies Space is a game by Rovio 2D.


The pigs go to space so they can steal Eggstroids.


  • Super Small Pig- None
  • Super Medium Pig- Splits into 3
  • Super Large Pig- Slams down, creating shockwave
  • Stone (Helmet) Pig- Becomes stone
  • Electro (Grandpa) Pig- Shoots laser and boomerangs back
  • Space King- Uses UFO to abduct structure
  • Fat Pig- Eats structure
  • Mighty Porker- Mighty Space Eagle replacement
  • Bubble Pig- Same as Balloon Pig in Hungry Piggies.
  • Frozen Pig- Throws ice bombs
  • Toxic Pig- Explodes into toxic waste


  • Super Red Bird- Normal
  • Super Blue Bird- Weak
  • Lazer Bird- Strong
  • Firebomb Bird- Strong
  • Ice Bird- (Boss) Strong
  • Super Big Bro Bird- Strong
  • Atom Bird- Weak
  • Space Egg- Weak


  1. Piggy Planet
  2. Eggstroid Heaven
  3. Boiled Eggs
  4. Vader Lair
  5. Return To Utopia
  6. Big Bacon
  7. Airless
  8. Space Water
  9. Trojan Plan
  10. Toxic Mix-Up
  11. Returning Home...Or Not
  12. Meaty-or Shower
  13. Yummy Eggstroids


  • Piggy Planet- None
  • Eggstroid Heaven- Ice Bird
  • Boiled Eggs- Firebomb Bird
  • Vader Lair- None
  • Return To Utopia- Orange Bird
  • Big Bacon- Space Big Bro
  • Airless- Ice Bird
  • Space Water- Ice Bird
  • Toxic Mix-Up- Space Big Bro
  • Returning Home...Or Not- Ice Bird (Mini-Boss) Robo Bird
  • Meaty-or Shower- Firebomb Bird
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