Hungry Piggies is a game by Rovio 2D.


All the same pigs as Hungry Piggies.

School Pig (Uses brain power, known in Angry Birds as Sling Scope, introduced in Back To School Fools)

Ghost Pig (Can turn invisible, introduced in Pig Or Treat)

Count Pigula (Can bite birds, introduced in Pig Or Treat)

Turkey Pig (Turns into boiled chicken, introduced in ThanksPIGing)

Santa Pig (Drops explosive presents, introduced in Deck The Hogs)


Same as Hungry Piggies

Werebird (Strong, Introduced in Pig Or Treat)

Turkey (Normal, introduced in ThanksPIGing


  1. Oink Over Summer
  2. Back To School Fools
  3. Pig Or Treat
  4. ThankPIGing
  5. Deck The Hogs (Was Late, Sorry!)
  6. Two Thous-HAM Thirteen (Makeup for late Deck The Hogs)
  7. A Valentine's Cupig 
  8. Green Is Great
  9. Non-Eatable Eggs
  10. Pool-Time Piggies
  11. Fork of July
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