Hungry Piggies Rio is a game made by Rovio 2D.


The pigs hear that there are lots of eggs in Rio, so the use the plane that the birds used to escape Rio in Angry Birds Rio to travel there. But first they fly to an distant island to find where Nigel the Cockatoo fell at the end of Angry Birds Rio. The pigs, Nigel, and a Marmoset team up to help the pigs find eggs.


  • Pigs from Hungry Piggies
  • Nigel- Acts like Blu from Angry Birds Rio
  • Marmoset- Punches Structure



  1. Distant Island
  2. Beach Party
  3. Jammin' Jungle
  4. Airport
  5. Airplane Adventure
  6. Downwards Decend
  7. Market Smash


  • Beef Up (Same as in Hungry Piggies Friends)
  • Fruit Piggy! (Same as Samba Burst in Angry Birds Rio)
  • Marmoset Rain (Drops 3 Marmosets)
  • Fruit Power (Replaces the pigs, Nigel, and Marmosets with fruit)
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