Hungry Piggies 2 is the sequel to Hungry Piggies. It is by Rovio 2D. It is set to release late 2013 or early 2014.


The piggies are back, and hungrier than ever! But this time, their quest for the eggs is made harder, as they will hatch soon! Can you help the piggies stop the birds, get the eggs, and chow down before hatching time?

New Features

  • The eggs have a bigger role! Unlike most Hungry Piggies games, you must get the eggs in an episode's final level in order to win.
  • New Piggies! Alongside the pigs from the first game, there are brand new pigs coming that have egg-catching powers! Plus, some of your favorite piggies from the other games now have new powers!
  • 'Timed Mode'! In Timed Mode, you only get one minute to complete the level. Can you topple the tower before the eggs hatch?
  • The first Hungry Piggies will still be updated! The first game will be updated less often, but there are new pigs and episodes coming to that!


  • Small Pig (Oinks)
  • Medium Pig (Splits into three)
  • Large Pig (Slams Down)
  • Helmet Pig (Speeds Up)
  • Grandpa Pig (Boomerang Power)
  • King Pig (Slams on ground and charges)
  • Cowboy Pig (Lasso ability)
  • Balloon Pig (lighter than other pigs)
  • Mining Pig (throws pickaxe)
  • TBA


  • Red
  • The Blues
  • Chuck
  • Bomb
  • Matilda
  • Hal
  • Big Bro.
  • Orange Bird
  • Stella
  • Mighty Eagle (Boss)


  • Save The Eggs!
  • Fake Birds?
  • Yummy Eggs
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