Hungry Piggies: Eat and Run is a game by Rovio 2D, as well as their first game without a slingshot.


The pigs are on a hunt for eggs when Red Bird catches them in hamster balls. The pigs now need to defeat Red Bird and free themselfs so they can continue on their egg hunt. They also need to collect Egg Coins to get more pigs.


  • Normal Pig (First pig)
  • Helmet Pig (200 Egg Coins, is stronger)
  • Grandpa Pig (300 Egg Coins, is faster)
  • King Pig (500 Egg Coins, is stronger and faster than Helmet Pig)


  • Red Bird (Boss)
  • Blue Bird (Splits into 3 when hit)
  • Yellow Bird (Is very fast)
  • Black Bird (Explodes when hit)
  • White Bird (Drops and egg and 3 Egg Coins when hit)
  • Boomerang Bird (Flies in circles)
  • Big Brother Bird (Very strong, but gives 3 Egg Coins when defeated)
  • Orange Bird (Inflates when hit)


  • Grassy Plains (First stage)
  • The Frying Desert (50 Egg Coins)
  • Swimming or Rolling? (100 Egg Coins)
  • Bigger is Better (250 Egg Coins)
  • Danger Zone (1000 Egg Coins)


The gameplay is different from most Hungry Piggies games. Instead of launching the pigs, you tilt your device to move the pigs around. You need to collect 3 eggs to make the Golden Egg appear. When you collect the Golden Egg, the level is complete. You can also collect Egg Coins to unlock more features.

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