Hungry Piggies is a game made by Rovio in a alternate demension. (In other words, it means if there was no Angry Birds, there HAD to be a Hungry Piggies.)


There are diffrent cutscenes for every episode, but the main plot is that the pigs have to crush the birds' structures to steal their eggs.


Small Pig- Nothing (Stab At It, Copy of Red Bird)

Medium Pig- Splits into 3 (Stab At It, Copy of Blue Bird)

Large Pig- Slams down due to weight (Stab At It, New)

Helment Pig- Throws helment at stucture. (Stab At It, New)

Grandpa Pig- Boomerangs back (Eggs Above, Copy of Boomerang Bird)

King Pig- Slams down, and 2 small pigs throw him (Stab At It, New)

Fake King Pig- Replaces Small Pig (Only Apperance- The Hoax, Copy of Red Bird)

Balloon Pig- Floats up (Only apperance- Eggs Above, New)

Construction Pig- Very strong (Pork And Play, Copy of Big Brother Bird)

Cowboy Pig- Throws boomerang hat (Only apperance- Mild West, New)

Mining Pig- Replaces Helment Pig (Only apperance- Eggs In The Cave, New)

Ghost Pig (Can turn invisible, Only apperance- Ghost Island)

Dubstep Pig (Turns rainbow, Only apperance- Dubstep Pork)

Fan Pig 1 (Made by players)

Fan Pig 2 (Made by players)

Fan Pig 3 (Made by players)


Blue Birds- Weak (Stab At It)

Red Birds- Normal (Stab At It)

Yellow Birds- Normal (Stab At It)

Black Birds- Strong (Stab At It)

White Birds- Normal (Eggs Above)

Boomerang Birds- Weak (Eggs Above)

Big Brother Birds- Strong (Pork And Play)

Orange Birds- Weak (Piggy Party)

Ghost White Bird- Weak (Ghost Island)

Ghost Black Bird- Normal (Ghost Island)

Ghost Blue Bird- Normal (Ghost Island)

Ghost Red Bird- Strong (Ghost Island)

Ghost Big Brother Bird- Strong (Ghost Island)

King Ghost Bird- Strong (Ghost Island)

Fan Bird 1 (Made by players)


  • Stab At It (The Birds retrive the eggs.)
  • The Hoax (The Birds make fake eggs to trick the pigs.)
  • Eggs Above (The Birds gain balloons and propeller caps and fly away with the eggs.)
  • Pork And Play (The Birds capture the pigs except Construction Pig.)
  • Mild West (The Birds take the eggs to a desert town.)
  • Eggs In The Cave (The Birds take the eggs to a cave.)
  • Piggy Party (The Birds crash a piggy party and steal the cake.)
  • Eggs In The Sun (The Birds vacation at Lake Compounce and take the eggs.)
  • Pigs' Revenge (The pigs get revenge on The Birds)
  • Houston, We Have A Piggy (The pigs blast off to space. Includes Hungry Piggies Space level)
  • Ghost Island (The pigs discover the legend of Ghost Island and The 6 Ghosts Of Anger)
  • Dubstep Pork (Dubstep Themed Episode)
  • Fan Episode 1 (Made by players)
  • Fan Episode 2 (Made by players)
  • Fan Episode 3 (Made by players)
  • Yummy Eggs ( 3 out of 20 levels)

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Making A Fan Episode

Here's what to do making fan episodes

  • Make 3 episodes with 45 levels per episode
  • Make 3 pigs and 3 birds
  • Make cutscenes


  • NOTE: This is a list of Power-Ups. For what they do, see here.
  • Porky Power
  • Beef Up
  • Super Pig
  • Birds Beware!
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