The War of Discrimination was a war against the eagles and the pigs.The War of Discrimination started 7 centuries ago from Angry Birds:RPG and the war lasted 300 years.The War of Discrimination was one of the long lasted wars in Angry Birds History.


7 centuries ago, the eagles were upset because the pigs did not allow them to go or enter Pigville for a vacation because of their race.The eagles got arrested or killed if they approach Pigville.The eagles got angry at the pigs and started a war.The eagles at Birdville gathered a powerful army and approached Pigville and started to break down their walls.The army started to attack the inside of Pigville, killing innocent citizens of the town and leaving severe damage to the town.The leader of Pigville got upset and started to form an army of pigs to attack Birdville.Birdville started to clash and the two armies fought each other and the Birdville army started to mow down the Pigville army and started to reach Pigville.The army started to conquer many other areas like Pigville Hut, Piglakotio and Boarania.Two centuries later, the Birdville army started to sabotage a great amount of Pigville and converted the pig town into a bird town, killing 30,000 pigs, but 9,000 survived including the leader of it.The birds changed the name "Pigville" into "Birdakotio."The pigs had to stay out in the wilderness for a century.They started to go back and took over Birdaktio and changed the name back to "Pigville."A warrior named "Boar O'Gotchia" started to quit the pig army 4 years later from where they converted the city back to Pigville.10,000 eagles survived and went back to Birdville, but 2,000 eagles lost their lives from the pigs.

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