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These health potions and gels are found in Angry Birds:RPG.They are used during battle for lack of health or energy used for artes.Or it could recover from Ailments like poison.Orange Bird can eat or drink it, or give it to Green Bird and White Bird.Here are the list of gels and potions:


Apple Gel: 30% HP

Orange Gel: 30% TP

Lemon Gel: 60% HP

Pinapple Gel: 60% TP

Banana Gel: Recovers from Ailments.

Poison Gel: Recovers from Poison.

Peach Gel: Recovers from Stone.

Dizzy Gel: Recovers from being dizzy.

Elixr: Recovers everything.


Health Vial: 51% HP

Health Flask: 78% HP

Health Bottle: 100% HP

Energy Vial: 51% HP

Energy Flask: 78% HP

Energy Bottle: 100% HP

Angry Potion: Recovers from weakness.

Madness Flask: Fully fills the health bar.


Ailments are enhancements by enemies that make Orange Bird and his allies worse.Ailments can be recovered by gels or potions.

Poison: Poison is an ailment that decreases health by 50%.

Weakness: This ailment makes Orange Bird and his allies not have the ability to heal themselves.

Stone: Stone is an ailment that makes Orange Bird and his allies to turn into stone.

Dizzy: This ailment makes Orange Bird and his allies to not move for 10 seconds.