Golden Red is a secret antagonist of Five Nights at Red's. He looks exactly like Red Fazbird except differences in color.

Golden Red


Animatronic Cardinal




Original mascot and lead singer of Redbird's Family Diner


Redbird's Family Diner (while active)
Red Fazbird's Pizza (from now on)

First Appearance

Five Nights at Red's


Golden Red appears to be a golden/yellow variation of Red Fazbird. More differences are that his stomach is white as oppose to Red's being apricot. His top hat and bowtie are blue instead of black. He is apparently missing his eyes, if he ever had any, and his beak is hanging wide open. He holds a microphone in his right hand. There apparently are blood stains around his eyes and mouth. His most notable feature is the lack of an endoskeleton. He has a few tears and an extremely large amount of stains.


While checking the W. Hall Corner camera, on rare occasions, the poster of Red Fazbird will change into a close-up of Golden Red's face. While viewing the poster, a distorted version of a child's laugh can be heard. No matter if you change cameras or not, closing the monitor will summon Golden Red into The Office. If staying in The Office for a few seconds, Golden Red will jumpscare the player. His jumpscare is a close-up of his face. Unlike every other animatronic, Golden Red does not give an indicator of approaching/arriving to the Office. He can appear whether the doors are closed or not. The moment you see him, you must bring up the monitor again, making him disappear and prevent him from attacking you. Alternatively, there is a way to avoid him by not looking at the W. Hall Corner camera poster, which prevents him from being summoned into The Office in the first place. This will be difficult, as the player will have to deal with Chuck and Hal.


  • Golden Red is the only animatronic not to change appearance at all, obviously excluding the new ones in the last game.
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