Ghost in the Machine is a fanon Angry Birds world made by Omi. It features the debut of the Sound Bird, Ghost Bird and the Brown Bird.


The birds discover their eggs are gone, and the pigs hid it in a secret lab. As much as the birds try, they can't pentrate through the metal blocks. Three new birds come, the ghost bird, the brown bird, and the sound bird.

New Birds

  • Ghost Bird: Phases through metal blocks, and then become tangible again and destroys the pig's building from the inside.
  • Sound Bird: Can create sound waves that shatter the glass inside their structure, destroying it from the inside.
  • Brown Bird: When flying over the structure, he can drill down and smash through the structure.

New blocks

  • Metal: Totally indestructible bricks that can only be pushed away. To destroy a structure with metal, the best birds are the green bird, the ghost bird, the sound bird, and the brown bird.
  • Portals: Wormholes that are part of the level. Throwing a bird to one coloured portal will make him come out of the other with the same color.
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