Final Mastered is the last episode of The New 4 and the 28th in the game. This episode will be the hardest one in The New 4. The Emperor now capture the normal birds into the cages. This episode have 3 mission and the second that have the most mission count in the game, the most will be in The New Finale.

Episode Info

7. Final Mastered
Name: Final Mastered

Episode Number: 28 ( last in The New 4)

Levels: 45

Pages: 5

Difficulties: Very Hard

Golden Item: Golden Bow

Next Episode: Lava Crater

Previous Episode: Something Fishing

Game(s): Angry Birds The New          


Page 1 (Level 1-10)

The Flocks must destroy all pigs in these levels, similar to the most Angry Birds games.

Page 2 (Level 11-20)

The Flocks now destroy all pigs and caged birds in these level. If the rest of pigs or caged birds still in the level, the level will fail.

Page 3 (Level 21-30)

The pigs now can attack The Flocks with their bows( same as enemies in Angry Birds Star Wars). The Flocks must beat the level by destroy the pigs, save the caged birds and eggs.

Page 4 (Level 31-40)

Mission similar to page 3 but harder. The Pigs also can attack with giant fork (their sword).

Page 5 (Level 41-15)

The Guards fight. In these 5 levels, The Guards will attack The Flocks. These levels similar to Egg Defender levels in Angry Birds Classic but the level will be fail if The Guard reach the slingshot area. The Flocks will not meet The Emperor in this episode. He will run away to the next and final place that he will meet The Flocks.

New Birds

  • Striped Bird (FM-16)
  • Green Bomb Bird (FM-21)
  • Lich Bird (FM-36)


  • This is the second most levels episode in the game, which is have 45 levels and the most levels episode will be in The New Finale.
  • This is the first final episode of The New( The New 1 exclude), where The Flocks will not meet The Emperor.
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