The Evolved Flock is a group of 7 birds, vengeancing against the pigs.

Main Members

Fire Bird

Fire Bird can shoot fire from his mouth. He is the leader of the group.

Poison Bird

Poison Bird is a poisonous bird that poisons pigs. He is the co-leader of the group.

Lightning Bird

Lightning Bird is a Yellow Bird struck by lightning.

Female Black Bird

Female Black Bird is, exactly, a female Black Bird, hence the name. He is the mindmaster of the group and tells Fire Bird the plans he finds.

3-D Bird

3-D Bird is a White Bird with 3-D glasses on.

Expanding Members

Vampire Bird

Vampire Bird is a Boomerang Bird fell into the dark world.

The Penetrator

The Penetrator can break through anything, but still can't break stone. He is the former leader of the group.

Big Orange Brother Bird

Big Orange Brother Bird is a larger counterpart of the Orange Bird.

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