Dry King Pig is the undead skeletal version of King Pig and is the "main antagonist" of the Angry Birds series. In the cartoon, he first apeared in the Season 3 Finale; Super King Pig. Where when he was defeated in New York, he torpedoed into a manhole which his skin melted and he became Dry King Pig. So he was Dry King Pig for the entirety of Season 4 where he became Giant King Pig in the Season 4 Finale and will be Giant King Pig for all of Season 5 and will possibly be Giant King Pig until the end of the series. Rovio confirmed that Bomb will have his big butt that he got in the Season 4 episode "Butt Transplant" for the rest of the game series and cartoon series.

Dry King Pig

Dry King Pig.


"After falling into Olympus Mons, King Pig emerged from the volcano and became the King of the Zigs, Dry King Pig. Now more sinister and intelligent than before, Dry King Pig throws his bones as weapons. It is said that when King Pig is reverted back to his old self, he becomes giant."


In most cases of Dry King Pig, he throws his bones to attack. So, you have do deflect or destroy the bones. He has an average of 20 hits. Him throwing his own bones will lower his health  because he literally is tearing himself apart. On the other hand, Dry King Pig breathes two types of firebals; orange/yellow ones go in one straight direction while blue ones target on. This problem can be solved by Ice Bird. If he goes straight into the fire, he puts it out and his power won't activate until he's in Dry King Pig's lungs, then Ice Bird will freeze and he will be unable to breath fire. After this, Dry King Pig should be a piece of cake.

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