Dark Street is the third episode of The New Finale and the 31st in the game. This episode is the second holiday themed which is Halloween seasons in October. This episode is very dark that only light can allows to see whole level, make the difficulties of this episode is very hard.

Episode Info

3. Dark Street

Name: Dark Street

Episode Number: 31 ( third in The New Finale)

Levels: 30

Pages: 3

Difficulties: Very Hard

Golden Item: Golden Candy

Next Episode: Flooded Mines

Previous Episode: Skyscrapork Top

Game(s): Angry Birds The New  



  • Similar to Blizzard Camp ;
  1. This episode also season themed episode.
  2. Blizzard Camp is 25th episode of the game( Christmas is 25 December), this episode is 31th, which is same to Halloween, 31 October.
  • This episode need lights to see the level, similar to Foggy Harbor and Final Mastered.
  • This is the fifth episode that in the episode icon there are no eggs around the pig and to appear The Flocks in it.
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