Cyan Bird has the power to burn into flames when tapped or clicked and breaks through glass and wood (burns everything including rubber when burning).

  • Cyan Bird when normal.
  • Cyan Bird's corpse.
  • Cyan Bird while burning.


  • Cyan Bird has the ability to break everything when the burning effect is included.
  • Cyan Bird doesn't burn after hitting something it can't break (ground) when the burning effect is used. Instead, it turns into a normal corpse.
  • Cyan Bird is color black after burning and hitting ground.
  • Cyan Bird is the second bird to have an appearance that is NOT from another bird.
  • Cyan Bird's name is revealed to have the name of Sam when the Red Bird Comics are released.
  • Cyan Bird is NEVER a relative of the Mighty Eagle, but the Mighty Eagle saved Cyan Bird in the Red Bird Comics #4, which caused a connection between them when they asked names.
  • There is only 1 Cyan Bird in the Angry Bird Universe.
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