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Crystal Cavern is the 6th episode in The New Finale and the second last episode(34th) of the game. Similar to Flooded Mines, this episode have ceiling but in this episode, the ceiling will appears random shape in each level. The ground also appears have a random shape throughout this episode. Also. similar to Mooncake Hill, this episode have two missions. In level 21-40, The Flocks must attack the pigs with raining stalactites that appear between the slingshot and the fortress.

To clear the level with 3 stars:
  • Total pigs popped
  • Total Stalactites used
  • Time given

Episode Info

Name: Crystal Cavern (Underground Day March 2013)

Where: Angry Birds Seasons 

Levels: 15

Pages: 2

Difficulties: Easy

Golden Item: Golden Egg

Next Episode: Unknown

Previous Episode: Arctic Eggspedition

Game(s): Angry Birds Seasons