Chuck is one of the four secondary antagonists of Five Nights at Red's. He is the guitarist of the Red Fazbird's Pizza band. Just like the other animatronic birds, he is left in a "free-roaming" mode form midnight to 6 in the morning. If they see a pig after closing hours, they won't see them as a pig, but as an endoskeleton without its costume.



Animatronic Canary




Guitarist of the Red Fazbird's Pizza band


Red Fazbird's Pizza

First Appearance

Five Nights at Red's


Five Nights at Red's

Chuck is an animatronic wearing a costume that looks exactly like Chuck. His outward head feathers are shaped like rabbit ears, obviously referencing that he takes the role of Bonnie. He also wears a red bowtie and holds a red guitar.

Five Nights at Red's 2: Grand Re-Opening!

Just like all the older models, Chuck is damaged, and he got the worst of it. His costume face is gone, revealing his endoskeleton. His left "ear" is ripped off and both of his arms are missing. He is also missing one tail feather and the bottom part of his beak is still present. His bowtie is also no longer present.

Five Nights at Red's: Krystal is Not the True Mastermind

As if Chuck wasn't damaged enough, now the only part of his costume are the back of his head, part of his stomach, and his legs.


Chuck is usually the first animatronic bird to leave his starting position and is the most predictable. He only comes into the office via West Hall. If you are checking the lights and Chick is in the left door, close it. Then checking the light will show his shadow if he is there, meaning it is not safe to open the door. Upon activating, Chuck can move anywhere left of Red Fazbird's Pizza, excluding Pirate Cove. This means he can go to the Dining Area, Backstage, West Hall, W. Hall Corner, or in the Supply Closet.

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