Bug fix is a security system to protect problems in all games of Angry Birds: Expriments. It protects from threats that can happen in games such as game freezes and app not opening. The app is free in Angry Birds: Expriments by tapping/clicking the Bug fix button. There is a separate app in the App Store, Google Play, Intel App Up, Nokia Ovi store and Windows Marketplace that cost 99 cents. During the gameplay, there is a Bug fix button that says "Bug fix report" just in case if there is a problem during the game. When there is a problem to the game, the person click/ tap on the Bug fix button. Then, they type what's wrong the problem.After that Rovio fixes the problem. While fixing the problem the person has to wait until the problem is fully fixed. If the person is not in Angry Birds: Experiments, the game sends a notice that there is a problem with the game and should tell them what's the problem.

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