Bubbles is one of the four secondary antagonists of Five Nights at Red's. He is the parrot of Hal the Pirate. Just like the other animatronics, he is left in a "free-roaming" mode from midnight until 6 in the morning because the company wants them to act as extra security. On the other hand, if they see a pig after closing hours, they won't see them as a pig, but as an endoskeleton without its costume on.



Animatronic Oriole




Hal's parrot


Red Fazbird's Pizza

First Appearance

Five Nights at Red's


Five Nights at Red's

Bubbles is an animatronic wearing a costume that looks exactly like Bubbles. He has a hook on his right hand and an eye patch on his right eye.

Five Nights at Red's 2: Grand Re-Opening!

Just like all the other old models, Bubbles in in severe disrepair. He is missing his longer head feather and his jaw is broken. His hook is also coming out and literally is in his eye where his eye patch was, and was as in his eye patch is missing too.

Five Nights at Red's: Krystal is Not the True Mastermind

Bubbles is in even worse disrepair. His jaw in now gone, making his endoskeleton teeth insanely visible. His shorter tail feather is gone.


Bubbles will leave Pirate Cove before Hal does. He will then appear in the Dining Area, followed by East Hall and E. Hall Corner. Exactly like Chuck and Stella, Bubbles will not pass the blind spots, making it obvious that he is there. He is generally the third most active animatronic, and since there are five animatronics, it could also be said that he is the middle one.

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