Bromanor is a former member of the flock, a secondary character in the Angry Birds series, and an early version of Stella. She is the seventh most recurring villain in the series, right after King Pig, Prince Pig, Helmet and Moustachio, Cardio, Dra"cool"a, and Mario. She is the Prince of the Nation of Nawibuwabi. She first appeared in the cartoon episode, "The First Playable Female Bird", where she sent Hal an email and tricked him into sending her all his money and never seeing him again. Now the birds will need money pronto or they'll have to sell Mt. Fort Awesome. It just so happened that Bromanor was not just the last candidate for a new roommate, but the only one to have enough money. She was secretly there to take over Mt. Fort Awesome and steal all of the birds' stuff. After a day of fun, Bromanor feels reborn and goes to take a shower. Red volunteers to ask her about the money and is the last one to find out Bromanor is a girl and it bothers him. While leaving Mt. Fort Awesome, Red hears Bromanor on the telephone about how she's the one who stole their money on the internet scam and is going to take over Mt. Fort Awesome and steal the rest of their stuff. Her first game appearance was as the final boss of Angry Birds Country.

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The First Playable Female Bird


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  • She was inspired by a character from Secret Mountain Fort Awesome with the same name.
  • Excluding Female Pig, she is the main female villain.
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