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Brick or Treat is the first episode in Season 1 of The Angry Birds Show.It will premiere on Halloween Day,2011.It is about the birds are preparing for halloween,but around that part,the eggs are stolen from the Pigs.With Black Bird and Female Pig in love and the eggs stolen,will the crush seperate,will the eggs come back to the birds,or is it just a pack of thrills?


Red Bird

Blue (Smurfs) Bird (3)

Yellow (Transparent) Bird

Black Bird (Semi-Antagonist until the end)

White Bird

Green (Vampire) Bird

Big Brother

Red Sister Bird (cameo)

Pigs [Pig,King Pig,Female Pig,Moustache (Sherrif) Pig] (Antagonists)


  • This is the first time Black Bird is an antagonist,although he was posessed by the Pigs.
  • The only pig that doesn't appear in this episode is the Helmet Pig,although he appears in Munching Over,the third episode.
  • In the game,the bird's eggs are white,but in the series,they are golden.
  • Red Sister Bird appears in this episode,but she then appears more (even though she is a background character) in School Pig Pen,the next episode.
  • This is one of the first episodes that have blood.(this doesn't include the red fangs the Green Bird has)
  • Like the original game,the scene where kids are trick or treating and White Bird drops a bomb for 5000 points,it is a reference to the games when you kill the pigs sucessfully.
  • WILHELM SCREAM-When Black Bird is being magically brought to the Pigs.
  • This is rated TV-PG V
  • This episode is approximately 8 minutes.
  • The only pig that doesn't talk the most is Female Pig,although she talks when she wants a kiss from Black Bird.
  • Whenever White Bird lays an egg,it would mainly make a fart noise.
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