Boar O'Gotchia




140 lbs.




Boar O'Gotchia

Boar O'Gotchia is a minor antagonist in Angry Birds:RPG.


Boar O'Gotchia is a pig who roams around at night.He is not on the birds' side, neither the pigs' side even though he is a pig.He goes around to villages at night and burns it down with torches and kills people.It is unknown why he does this all the time at night.6 centuries ago, a war began between eagles and boars.Boar O'Gotchia was in the army that time but suddenly escaped from the battlefield.A mysterious man gave him a rare potion that makes him live up to a millennium.When the war was over and continued on, Boar O'Gotchia didn't want to join any army because he didn't want to get into any wars, so he decided to roam around at night.Just walking around at night makes him bored, so he decides to terrorize people.He is now 700+ years old from the rare potion.When the whole pig army left Pigville Hut, the villagers were there, unprotected.Boar O'Gotchia burns Pigville Hut and causes a massacre without the pig army knowing.


The bird party roams around at night but Boar O'Gotchia started to run into them.The bird party defeated him and started to continue on.

Battle Lines

  • "Heh..."
  • "You...Coward!"
  • "Be extinct!"
  • "Killing is my habit!"
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