Black and White is a comedic Angry Birds series about Nitro, a bird from the Black Bird's species, and Eggbomber, a bird from the White Bird species. It is supposed to have 3 seasons.


Nitro and Eggbomber are two new birds who join the bird army, who battle the pigs and stop them from stealing eggs. Nitro and Eggbombers usually slack off their jobs and do other stuff, instead of battling.


Nitro: A Black Bird who joined the bird army. He is a slacker sorta guy who doesn't care about his job. A running gag is him always being hit by bricks or something and him creating a explosion (which he says is just special effects).

Eggbomber: A White Bird who joined the bird army. Eggbomber is always nervous, and sorta nerdy. He is in love with Egget. Eggbomber usually releases an egg when he's really nervous.

Egnaro: A Orange Bird who joined the bird army. Egnaro is incredibly crazy and weird, and loves inflating himself, and them\n flying around randomly.

Egget: A female White Bird. Eggbomber is in love with her. She is not in the bird army.

General Furious: A Red Bird. He is the tough general of the bird army. Although he is pretty weak he is really tough against the bird army.

Krush: A Big Brother Bird.He is very stupid and solves most stuff in brute force.

King Pig: The Leader Of The Pig Army.

More characters will be added soon.


  1. Pilot : Eggbomber and Nitro join the bird army, and meet the new characters.
  2. Krushing: Eggbomber accidentally embarrases Krush, and now must hide from Krush who wants to kill him.
  3. Heavens Above: A buliding the pigs built accidentally sends Eggbomber, Nitro and Egnaro into the clouds, and into an old building of the pigs.
  4. Egnaroed: Nitro gets stuck with Egnaro while it's heavily raining outside.
  5. Birdnapped: King Pig kidnaps eggbomber. its up to nitro and krush to beat king pig.


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