The Birdy Ratings are ratings used in movies or video games that birds play and watch.Here are the ratings:

General-All bird ages. Very mild on impact.

Parental Guidance-Recommended with an adult or parent. Mild on impact.

Mature-Recommended 13 and up. Moderate on impact.

Restricted Ratings

Restricted Mature-Birds under 15 cannot view. Strong on impact.

Adult Birds Only-Birds under 19 cannot view. High on impact.

Content Descriptions

Violence-Use of weapons and killing of pigs.

Drugs-Use of heroin or other illegal substance.

Fear-Use of zombies or other horrific thing.

Gambling-Use of gaming.

Sex or Nudity-Use of sexual content.

Mild Language-Use of language deemed not too strong.

Foul Language-Use of language deemed strong.

Discrimination-Use of harassment of race.

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