Angry Birds Final

Angry Birds Final game in the Angry Brds Franchise and it contains 5 episodes and unlocked birds because some birds are captured.Red,Blue,Yellow,Black,and White Bird were captured.[The Origanal Flock is Captured].So Orange,Pink,Ice Bird,Boomerang,and Big Red Bird could rescue them.

Red Bird

The Orange,Pink,Ice Bird,Boomerang,and Big Red Bird are saving Red Bird first.Players had to use only Orange,Pink,Ice Bird,Boomerang,and Big Red Bird.Once players finish the episode,you unlock him and can be playable.

Blue Bird

So now Red Bird is playable so him and other birds will rescue Blue Bird.Remember,if a player finish a chapter,you will unlock a bird and be playable.

Yellow Bird

Next,the birds are rescuing yellow bird.

Black Bird

Same thing could happen.

White Bird

This time the levels are harder because there is a King Pig in every level.

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