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Angry birds camwoodstock edition was a fanon game made by camwoodstock on youtube and rovio as a dual project on March 22, 2011.This is the first time rovio worked on a fan game. As well as the third they worked on a crossover game. (First being angry birds rio, and second being angry birds (wimpy edition), but was released after.)

The game not only featured all the angry birds and the pigs in the game, but it also contained characters revolving around camwood's life. This is noticable via the title of the game.

Episodes known

  1. Captured Camwood (Themes 1-4)
  2. Doomsdayious Apocolipsious (Themes 5-6)
  3. Into space (Themes 7-10)
  4. The giant setup (Themes 10-12)
  5. Down and up (Themes 13-16)
  6. Profail Eye-Dee (Themes 17-19)
  7. Birds VS AntiTroll (Themes 20-25)
  8. Red eggs (The golden egg levels of this game)

Playable characters


Known Bosses

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