Angry birds 2

Title Card

Angry Birds 2: Wild Egg Chase , is the second main game of angry birds. This time the pigs have again managed to steal the birds eggs, but have strated hiding, but not just anywhere, AROUND THE WORLD! The pigs, as mentioned in the title, lead the birds into a wild egg chase.


These are the following birds in the game:

  • Red Bird
  • Blue Bird(s)
  • Yellow Bird
  • White Bird
  • Black Bird
  • Big Red Bird
  • Green Bird
  • Orange Bird
  • Mighty Eagle
  • Mighty Mouse
  • Grey Bird
  • Lavender (Purple Bird)


  • Eggs In Finland
  • United States Of Eggmerica
  • Euoropeggan Tour
  • Chineggs
  • Eggstralia
  • Eggtarctica
  • All The Way To Eggland (England)
  • Russian Eggs


  • This is not official, but just my Idea
  • The Mighty Mouse is used by throwing cheese at an area of blocks or bigs, and it will eat anything in that area
  • Grey Bird, is a bird that When tapped, puts out it wings and spins really fast, breaking through anything in its path
  • The Purple or Lavendar Bird, is super heavy, so when flung, wherever it lands, nothing is left
  • All the levels are created by me

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I hope everyone enjoys and likes my ideas!

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