The birds accidentally got inside a portal where it's transferred to the past.


Carboniferous furious

the pigs stole the eggs there.the bird's got help from some insects and fishs:meganeura,symmoriida,Arthropleura,pulmonoscorpius.the first boss is haiku helmet with a p od, the second boss is mr.ancient mustache with a robot eagle(real eagle but smaller not mighty eag

Carboniferous backgroud

le),it can fly.the final boss is king pig with a drill car that can hide under ground. The bird's and their new friends me et some old friends of the bird's from angry birds:pooh and ice age,angry fish,arqueopteryx bird, angry bird s underwater and the penguins of madagascar.they fight a hyneria and the pigs the background

Triasic rage

Here the bids meets dino-birds like protoavis, hesperornis, icthyornis and presbyornis that got lost from other periods to Triassic. the pigs meet their antecesors, the morganucodon that also want to steal the dino-birds eggs. the boss is the king pig on a postosuchus.

real jurassic park

the bird's got help from opthalmosauruses and sauropods for high places.little mammals terrorize the local dinosaurs eggs along with the pigs the bird's defeat them and also an allosaurus,yangchuanosaurus,guanlong pack.

Cretaceous madness

the bird's got into a death duel of t-Rex and spinosaurus.the t-Rex is killed in the bird's are captured.Blu and jewel must help them.many velociraptors are the first boss.then boomerang bird,blue bird and ice bird are freed.the second boss is t-Rex.the other bird's are freed later.the final boss is spinosaurus,saurophaganax(lost from Jurassic),torvosaurus that is dinos are daspletosaurus,ampelosaurus,saurolphus,parasaurolophus,ornithomimus and more


  • the mighty eagle is changed by mighty brachiosaurus.


  • 16 April,the terror of bird's:titanis,most appearance of the presbyornis and more terror bird's.
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